In 1916, Anna and Walter Hapanowicz opened a grocery business on Nichols Street in East Utica. After eight successful years, the couple opened a second market at 918 Whitesboro Street in West Utica and the two stores continued to flourish.

In 1939, Anna and Walter sold both businesses, and along with their eight boys and two girls, the Hapanowicz family opened up a market featuring prime quality and homemade meats on Columbia Square in West Utica.

In 1949 the family moved the business across the street, to a building that came complete with a smoke house. Not satisfied with the quality of the meats they purchased, the family began to manufacture its own (now-famous) polish kielbasa and homemade cold cuts.

In 1957, the business moved to a new location on Lincoln Avenue near the old Burrstone Road bridge. In 1961, a second market was opened in the Whitestown Shopping Center, and in 1962, the year Walter passed away, a third store opened in the King Cole Shopping Center in South Utica. A fourth store opened in 1963 in the New Hartford Shopping Center. Each of these stores was managed by one of the Hapanowicz brothers.

The stores eventually consolidated into what is now Hapanowicz Brothers Meat Market in its present and only location—a modern meat market at the corner of New Hartford and Clinton Streets in New York Mills, New York. In the last 10 years, we’ve kept up with the changing lifestyles of our customers, including developing a line of heat-and-serve foods to simplify the lives of Baby Boomers and the elderly. Today, we feature more than 30 varieties of heat-and-serve foods as well as a full line of fresh meats, homemade cold cuts, polish kielbasa and other specialty meats.